High Foam TFR

High Foam TFR

TFR with excellent foaming characteristics, dwell time and cleaning power

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  • Long lasting product cling time
  • Excellent foaming characteristics
  • Great cleaning power easily removes traffic film and dirt
  • Ready to use formulation
Customer benefits
  • High Foam TFR stays in place, even on vertical surfaces
  • High foam provides customer reassurance that entire vehicle is cleaned
  • Powerful detergent speeds up the wash process allowing more vehicles to be cleaned per day
  • Ideal for injector systems or bottle foam attachments
Usage instructions

Using an injector, insert the chemical intake pipe directly into High Foam TFR container.

If using a foaming bottle attachment, optimal dilution will be dependent on pressure washer flowrate, level of dirt on vehicle and desired foam density.

High Form TFR Step 2

Adjust dilution until the desired foam is created. 2-5% is a suggested starting point.

High Form TFR Step 3

Spray evenly onto the vehicle starting with lower areas. Agitate if required. Do not allow product to dry.

High Form TFR Step 4

Rinse off using high pressure water.

Expert Tip: In warm weather conditions, apply product to the shaded side first to avoid drying on the surface.
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